Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Normal Service has resumed

The past few weeks technology has not been my friend. Both computers were out of service at the same time. I had to replace the hard drive on the desktop, so when it came back and I stopped crying over lost photos and notes for classes and my iTunes playlist is gone, I spent days loading programs back on and passwords and printers and, and , and.

Then I could not locate the cable for connecting my camera to the computer, so I couldn't get to my photos's. I now have a Card Reader - you know the thing that has different slots for all the memory cards that then connects to the computer.

So now I am back up and running. The kids are doing their homework and I am supervising from over the laptop, while doing my blog (homework)...

Firstly, I have a couple of photos of Carol's quilts, I got done a couple of weeks ago. These are for twins, born last week. Mum and babies were doing well last I heard. I loved the Nine patch.

Every Australia Day Long Weekend we go camping with several other families for hot days of water skiing and playing. This is the last days of the kids school holidays each year and we have one last play before the school routine starts again. This year I kept forgetting to get the camera out for the skiing shots. But did get photos of the local wildlife.

We had a Dingo in the campground that had a shoe fetish. If you left shoes out at night they would be gone by morning. We found his den and a cache of chewed up shoes during the day, retrieved ours and didn't leave them out again. We spotted him at dusk chasing the local birds. I thought he caught one but it turned out to be a shoe.

Here are the birds I thought the dingo was going to eat.

We also caught alot of Red Claw Yabbies - they were lovely for dinner that night. The kids had a great time playing with them also.

We had the kids back at school last week. Every year on the first day my hubby and I take them down to the beach for ice cream and a run in the sand and tell us about their new teachers and class mates. I told my son that we will be doing this even when he is in high school (next year).

Right we have all finished our homework and now time for a play before dinner.

Till next time