Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finishes 26th Feb

Hi everyone

I have managed to get some more projects finished or worked on a bit more.

This is my St Louis Schmidt.  The 36 patch blocks are leftovers from the Scrappy trip Around the World, I then added the Hourglass blocks as alternate blocks to make a decent size quilt.  I quilted a spiral circle in the alternate blocks and a simple  continuous curve in the 36 patch, then a scrappy binding. I am really happy with it

 This one I showed last time I think, quilted, so now I have it bound and on my bed, very happy to have this finally finished and using it

Here is the quilting, Baptist Fans, love them.

Four blocks done on the Quilt Block Sampler by Lori Smith, about 80 more to go.  These finish at  71/2" and as you can hopefully see, some have lots and lots of pieces.  I am having fun making them.  I need to cut some more blocks now so I can keep going.

 I got more of these diamond units made up, some of these pictured are from earlier, but some I did make have been already been sewn into the quilt top,

Here is the top so far, it is wide, I like large quilts, ones big enough to cover people.  Right now it is about half the length I want.  I also need to fill in the holes to make the quilt edges as straight as I can..
How did you go getting projects finished?????

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Picnic class

Hi everyone
Last Saturday I taught my Spring Picnic quilt to a lovely group of ladies at The Patchwork Angel.  Here is my quilt, still needing to be quilted and ironed, but we wont worry about that right now.  This quilt comes together using either pre cut jelly rolls or 2 1/2" strips from yardage.
In this class the girls could cut their pieces with either the Hex n More ruler or

the traditional 60 degree triangle ruler, and still have the same results.

Here are some of the girls work, somehow I missed  two, very sorry Gail and Jules.  I might be able to get a pic from Jules shortly.

Jenny is using all shades of blue from aqua to almost navy, I was in love with some of her fabrics. Jenny is going to sash the braids with this dark aqua,

Sally is using jelly rolls and her braids will be sewn with the fabric in an organised pattern so each braid will be the same, lovely.  Sally was in my Wonky Stars class last year, she has that one just about finished and I hope to see it soon.

Robyn's Picnic quilt will be in shades of pink, fuchsia and purples, this selection is from a Bali Pop.  I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished, might have something to do with the fact that I love pink.  Robyn's sashing is an eggplant purple Moda solid, stunning

 Beth's fabrics are bright and fun and sweet, this will be so cute.

These are made by Denise and they are a wonderful collection of blues, browns yellow and greens with a cream sashing, bright and fun with a great mix of prints and solids.

This is Deb, say hi to Deb everyone.  Deb had a wonderful mix of colours and prints also.

here is all the girls at the end of class showing there great work.  All the ladies were very quick at picking up the cutting and piecing and so we had a good time chatting and sewing, the best way to spend a Saturday morning.  Thank you all for coming.
I so look forward to seeing this quilts come together and seeing the ladies again in another class with me.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Finishes 2nd Febuary

Hi All

So I again only have a few Finishes to show this week....

Some hexagon diamonds assembled

I like them all, but still more to do..
I finished cutting out pieces for my next class sample. I wanted to mix up the fabrics, so I got the family to pick out the ones they liked and I had to use them.  Here are the funny results
Felicity's pick

Georgie's ( felicity's friend)




The boys picked mostly dark solids, the girls light almost solids. These are all cut ready to piece, hoping I have cut enough for what I need.

I also finished the Requirements list for my Spring Picnic class in 2 weeks.  Just found out today that the class is full. Happy with that.

I got this block pieced, it is 7.5" finished and it had a total of 51 yes 51 pieces.  This is for Sampler Block Quilt by Lori Smith, only lost one or two points..

I thinks this is all the Finishes for the week, I am off to put hubby and kids to bed ....Revenge starts again tonight....
See you soon....

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scrappy Trip Along

Hi all

 Warning: lots of pictures

With thousands of other quilters early last year I started the Scrappy Trip Around the World and I have finally finished the quilting and binding. The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville and is available for free

I have actually used my quilt straight after I finished the binding.  I took the quilt with me camping to stitch the binding, so I got to use it on my bed, yay!!!!

I took lots of  pictures around the camp ground also, it was windy and overcast so not the best pictures but my ability to take good pictures is not the best anyway.

I just love this quilt.




Friends and family picked out 6 strips each and I then made each into a block. All the fabrics are by Denise Schmidt and from Spotlight stores in Australia some time ago. The backing is really cool, an orange print from Moda, not sure of the name and designer of it.  I used an aqua fabric to bind with.

 This is on the steps of a Safari Ten, just as I finished taking photos the new guest arrived,

Have I told you I love this quit, it just makes me happy