Thursday, May 30, 2013


Feathering away today. Have done all the  ditch work. Now filling in the spaces. Beautiful quilt made by Fay. I don't know the name of it yet. Hope to find out soon. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was on the go all day yesterday. It is not a typical day, but it feels like these days are becoming more typical. 

First daughter to school then off for my walk. Very typical start. Home again then start quilting. Customer coming to collect a finished quilt. Back to quilting. 

Had to go out but first i need petrol. How dar do think i can get When the light is on. Duck into the shop for milk and chocolates. Down to The Patchwork Angel to meet Lynley. She was collecting one quilt and giving me another one. 

Home again to pack some clothes, more quilting. 

Pick daughter up from school, pop home for showers. Get in the car and drive to Brisbane. What would normally be about 1.5 hour drive took us nearly 2 in traffic. 

Got to mums. Had a lively girls night. We are now at 8 am at the airfields for the Cubs to learn about planes for their Aero badge. 

Busy, cold and early. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


This quilt is for a baby due any day now. Very cute. Creating texture. 

This is about the only sign in nature that I have near me that tells us winter is in the way. Or already here, cold mornings happening already. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Defying Gravity

Last night we got to cross off another thing off the "Bucket List".  We were offered tickets to the "Nitro Circus", you know the thing that has, I want to call them kids, but they aren't all kids but they sure look young, very young ( not that I am any older, not) do crazy, amazing, scary, gravity defying stunts on two wheels, or no wheels, down a very tall ramp, fly over a distance doing amazing things and then land safely. OMG. 

Now, this is something we would not of probably bought tickets in advance for and been mad keen to see, but we went and enjoyed it.  But I was conflicted watching it, scared, amazed, frightened, but also swept up with the crowd, cheering at the stunts and landings, but when the kids didn't land the stunts, going Ohhhh with them.  I was glad we got through the night without anyone being "seriously injured".  We were certainly entertained.

Tonight on a current affair program, there was a story about these kids and the stunts they do.  The segment was about how young kids are being killed doing this stuff and pushing the boundaries and risks to be the first to do a stunt or the youngest or something...... so sad. But what I did understand about these kids (young adults) is that they are and have been doing this stuff at home with parents support, and would be doing this anyway whether in front of a crowd or not.  I just don't know....

I am not saying anything regarding these peoples choices, my son competes in a motorsport and loves it, I am just talking about my own conflicted feelings about seeing and maybe contributing to this behaviour. I don't know if I have expressed myself properly. We have been to a Cirque du Soleil show, and those performers do push the boundaries and take risks with gravity defying stunts also.  These performers are not different to the males on these bikes.  Anyway it was a show and we were certainly entertained.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back to school

This is me, Wednesday evenings for the next 5 weeks. Trying to learn Illustrator. So far okay. I was just happy to not be the only student in class. Turns out 10 of us want to tackle a small portion of this program. 

Do you like what I have done so far. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chocolate Layer Cakes

Earlier this year I taught my Chocolate Layer Cake quilt again.  Here are some of the girls quilts I have just finished quilting for them.  I actually quilted them one after the other and had such fun.
Vicki's with a stunning dark pink background, punching up the piecing.

 This one belongs to Barb N, she came to my first class.  This is actually her third quilt using my pattern.

The border fabric is perfect with the lime green on the brown.

Janey A made this fresh and bright version, the orange sashing really adds character to the quilt.

These are Barbs earlier quilts.  She made one for each granddaughter, only changing the borders. 
So cute.

They use different fabrics for the piecing, backgrounds, and borders giving each quilt a personality of its own, and one suited to the owner.

So Sew on girls

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Jenny made supper for our quilt group tonight. Soooo yummy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arghhh and ahhh

Unpicking all of these, after sewing them the wrong way.  Then try to see them correctly another day. 

Now I can stitch these for the evening. 

60 degree Classes


Over the last 2 Saturdays I have taught some wonderful ladies a whole heap of blocks using the 60 degree Triangle Ruler. Classes were held at The Patchwork Angel.   I haven't blogged because I was working very hard finishing off all the notes and samples.  My head is clearer now and am able to think of other stuff now...

 At the start of  the first class I was very nervous, but once we got started we had some fun.  The ladies worked very hard and I have no photos to show you of that first lesson. We learnt how to cut, piece and play with triangles and diamonds.

In the second class we covered hexagons, half hexagons, half triangles, trapezoids and wedges.  I did get pictures this time, but only some.... it was a busy class again and we were having fun.
Bev with blocks from the 1st class

Behind those diamonds is Judy B
 Cheryl and Robyn working away
 Judy S in the front
 Wendy playing with Triangles, nice colours also
 Gal B trying different arrangements
Judy B and Judy W cutting and playing

Hazel happy with her work

The ladies enjoyed themselves and so did I...after class I started going through the other ideas I have for classes and want to get moving with them now, no resting...  Gal B actually sent me a text after class, thanking me for the ideas swimming around in her head now.  Robyn M sent me an email saying she had a wonderful time also. That's what I was hoping for with my classes, the ideas and inspiration sparking in my students.. and they in turn me.

So Sew on girls, would really love to see what you make now

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


With Google Reader closing down in July I have to find another way to read all the blogs I love.  So several bloggers seem to like BLoglovin, I'm not as keen on it but it looks like the best of a bunch so far.  So annoyed with Google..

So, apparently I have to claim my blog  with Bloglovin, and have to have this code in a post.

Follow">">Follow my blog with Bloglovin

and just because posts should have pictures, here is one for you.  I made this block ages ago and hope to make many more again one day.


This some things I saw and did today

Friday, May 3, 2013

Home Alone

I have a few hours all by my lonesome tonight. So what should one do with ones time.

Stitch of course, and relax before teaching again tomorrow. I hope to remember to take pictures from the class this time, not like last week.