Monday, August 29, 2011

My Little Sister

My Little sister turned 30 last week, I thought I had another year to go until she turned 30, but the little bugger stole a year from me.

So I had to quickly make a pressie for her. I decided on the Amy Butler Weekender Travel bag. You can get the pattern from here. And I am very impressed with my talents (this time). I have made this bag a few years ago, and though I love it, I know it is not the absolute best. My sisters bag is still not perfect but it is alot better than mine. She nearly didn't get it, I was going to keep it for myself.

I found the fabric a couple of years ago in Arizona at a sort of Remnant shop. The fabric is decorator weight and cost my $4 a yard, Bargain. I had remnants in several pieces, but was able to pattern match the outside pockets with the bag itself. Very impressed.

I was also able to make a small cosmetics bag in the same fabric for her. I put a chocolate bar in this bag.

She loved it.

I also made a the cosmetic bag for my niece, who also had a birthday last week. Megan turned 19. With this bag I used Tula Pink's new range, Prince Charming and a stripe for the lining. The first thing she said after "Ooh, Thank you", was my favourite colour is orange. My UFO students helped me find the lining fabric, they had such fun telling me which one I should use, usually the other way round.

It took Megan a few minutes to see the frogs, but she loved it. I told her that, " you may have to kiss a few frogs to find your Prince Charming". Wise words from dear old Aunty Fiona. I filled her bag with hair treatment, lip balm, moisturizers etc and good old chocolate also.

We all had a great night out for dinner at My Thai in Brisbane, great food and great service. The whole restauarnt sang Happy Birthday with us to the girls. Just wonderful, this is just some of us. I 'm the odd one with red hair amongst the blondes

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kites and Fans

This is Maureen's quilt.Beautiful!! Rose Star done in Reproductions. I love her colour's and combinations. Maureen always has a great eye with colour.

We kept the quilting very traditional with Baptist/Bishops Fans

( I really want to make a pink and chocolate quilt)

I have started this quilt back here, but in bright colours. Very different look.
Maureen's quilt has 18 blocks, mine will have about 25, I done 4 I think, just a few more to go.

Other news, is that my husband is as we speak on a plane back home to us. He has been away for nearly 3 weeks with 2 really great mates, doing the whole boy thing in America that the kids and I would really not want to do.
They saw Drag Racing in Denver, an Air Show in Osh Kosh, Harley Davidson tours, Nascar Racing in Indy, road trip back to Denver in the 40Ft RV (mansion), Bar Hopping in Vegas and now home. The kids are excited, waiting to see Dad, but also what Dad may have in his cases. I want to see what he has brought home, as several times during the trip I sent the locations of quilt shops he may come across in between boy things. He can have the Washing, Cooking and Shopping back in a heart beat. We all had clean clothes and food to eat, got to work and school on time. I got our bedroom walls and some furniture painted also this week. So I think we did okay.

I pick him up from Brisbane in the morning, after dropping the kids at school (they think a day off from school is necessary, I don't)

But most of all is I have missed my husband and best friend. I am so glad he has been able to do this trip. He is a very good man and deserves to have fun and it wouldn't have been the same with me and the kids. I'm not sure about this talk of them doing it again next year though, the kids may have a say about this I'm sure.

Good night all

(time will go faster if you sleep for most of it, mum used to say Christmas eve)

P.S. not sure I like any of the kitchens on The Block tonight