Sunday, June 26, 2011

Donna's Quilt

Hi Donna

I have finished you quilt and will put it in the post tomorrow. But you did say I could post pictures before I post it to you as it will take about a week to get to you......

the whole quilt

close ups

and the back

I really hope you are happy with it Donna

I have been doing alot of other quilts for the past month or so, but most are for quilt show coming up over the next few weeks and because most of the girls who read my blog are local and the shows are local I thought best not to ruin the surprise for everyone and post pictures of the quilts before the shows.

Hope to be back to blogging again shortly

but I have started another quick quilt for myself here are the pieces. It is from 2 layer cakes

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quilted Furniture

I have been reading blogs and found this post on Karen Synder's site.

and I just love these pictures

This pattern is called Hearts and Gizzards. I have mad this top and posted it previously but alas is still not quilted, maybe I can turn it into furniture, if I can find a base/frame to use

I so wish I had some of this in my house, both the furniture and the vintage quilts

This is where Karen found the pictures originally
(According to the flickr poster, this furniture was seen at Patricia Wood & Company, 120 E. Main St., Harbor Springs, MI. 49740)