Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fabric Ice Dyeing

Hi all
On the weekend my sister and I played around with  fabric Ice Dyeing.  We had fun.  My Mum and another sister were there also so as well as playing with fabric we had a nice day together.  Christmas decisions were made regarding food an secret santa, so a very productive day for all.
This is what the process looked like, we only knew enough about dyeing from the internet and You Tube, so in reality only enough to be dangerous.......

Here we are with fabric over buckets ready to be dyed. The buckets collect the water and dye as the ice melts.
I used two colours per fabric, as Kathy from Tamarack Shack suggested.  As the ice melts and the dyes blend you will get a surprise third colour.  This tub has Raspberry and Green
This one is a mix of Raspberry and Hot Pink
Turquoise and Orange

Cobolt Blue and Hot Pink

Now the ice has melted and the colours are revealed.  Cobolt blue and hot pink, this mixed so beautifully

turquoise and orange blending and creating a new colour, really like this mix
Raspberry and green was very surprising, I have bits of yellow in this as well

Raspberry and hot pink looked great here, you can start to see the texture being created with the subtle shade changes in the dyes.

The next day you can rinse and colour fast the fabrics.  Here is the  Blue and hot pink. This one has a purple tone to it with the mixing of colours. Happy with this mix

The turquoise and orange, love it.  Where the colours mixed there is a great burnt orange colour

Raspberry and hot pink, the texture is really cool in this one, very happy again

Green and raspberry, really cool texture and blending of colours.
These are all brighter than the pictures, I didn't have great success with the editing. Note to self, try to take time to learn better photo editing next year.  Along with more adventures in fabric dyeing..
Our family had a great day together and that was the bonus score of the weekend...
Love you family  XXOO

Monday, November 11, 2013


So this is some things I have been up to lately,

One of my clients, Joy, has a lot of candlewick pieces but already has a large candlewick quilt, so I am gradually turning them into cushions for her to give away as Christmas gifts for friends.  They are all lovely pieces.

Hubby and I went to a Melbourne Cup function at the local Racetrack.  These are my losing race and raffle tickets.  I did though have a couple of wins through the day and ended the day "in front".   It was a great day out with Hubby with the bonus of getting all dressed up for the fun.

This quilt belongs to Val B made for her daughter.  This is a large fun quilt with a very striking but simply pieced border. Val asked me to bind this one for her this time, there is 10.2m of binding on this quilt. whew all done and returned to Val in time for her daughters visit.

This one belongs to Sherida, a very lovely lady who does beautiful work.  This quilt is a mix of embroidery and applique.  We used wool wadding to add lots of texture to the applique.  All done and looking  beautiful.

This is part of the embroidery on Sherida's quilt.  Those French knots are very tiny. stunning.

We had a family lunch for my daughters birthday, this is dessert.  The cake was my second attempt.  The first cake turned out perfectly until I made a drizzle sauce with salt and not sugar and had to throw the whole cake out.  The ice cream is homemade also.  The dessert was a perfect end to a great family lunch.

 My daughter also had some friends over for her birthday, earlier than the family one,  on Halloween.  So dessert for the girls had to be something spooky.  I filled new and very clean flower pots with lime ice cream, sat a toy skeleton inside then topped with ground up oreo biscuits.  The girls were very happy with the graves. They then got all dressed up and went trick or treating and had a ball.

A couple of our Halloween decorations.  Yes the hand has fallen off but was fixed in time for the kids coming around

And finally some fabric getting cut up for a quilt I plan to teach in the new year.  It is coming together nicely and am very happy with the colours. I have used two Jelly Rolls from Moda, Happy Go Lucky and Summer House.
Off to the couch to stitch some hexagons together
take care