Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ready set


Home alone this morning. 

Have this pile to work on ..... And laundry and food shopping

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lone Star Class

Last Saturday I taught the second part of  the Lone Star quilt at The Patchwork Angel.  The girls all had their 8 star points pieced.  We had started piecing these in the first class.  So this last class was sewing the background to the star points then sewing the star together.

I was very excited to see the Lone Stars come together.  And when they did the results were beautiful.

Here they are,

Vicki's purple pansy's and gold

Deb's shades of blue

Kathryn's blues, greens and yellow

Jenny made hers in Christmas colours and prints

Gail used purple batiks with blue and hot pink mixed in

Bridget had an Aboringal print as a focus and great tone on tones to highlight

Deb has greens and a great aqua
 I love teaching this class, every one has a different set of fabrics and creates a different feel to all the others.  So if you are thinking about making a Lone Star quilt I will be teaching this again in October and November this year at The Patchwork Angel.  I would love to see your interpretation of this stunning quilt.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

White Wedding Hexagons

I finished the hexagons, yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a close up of the piecing....
I started basting my hexagons at the same time my son started Kart racing.  This was something to do while in car and to also help with my anxiety with my son racing around a track at great speeds.  So two and half years later I am done piecing.
I have used Civil War Reproduction fabrics for the pieced diamonds and many random Shirtings, from white backgrounds to tans,  for the neutral sashings 
this is a big quilt, 114" x 91", it does not fit in my camera screen,

These are 1" hexagons and I have no idea or want to know, how many I have pieced into this top.  I do have heaps of leftovers that have just been put away with my hexagon papers, not to be touched for maybe a year or two.  I am kind of  done with hexagons.  I have started another EPP project for Karting road trips, the papers have a 45 degree angle this time.

It looks different from this angle.  I just love this quilt and hope to get it quilted one day now, just trying to find the perfect backing......  I am counting this as a finish though.

I hope you like it also.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Found them

Everyone can stop looking now.  I found my pictures on the Ipad.

This is Celtic Solstice, designed by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  This was the 2013 Mystery quilt.  if you decide you would like this quilt also, quickly head over to Bonnie Hunters site to get the instructions.  As of June 1st 2014 it will no longer be available on her site.  It will be included in a book in the future.

This was a great quilt to learn several techniques from Bonnie Hunter.  I especially wanted to make the star block with the black points.  When this block is combined with a second block it creates that dark curved circle secondary pattern. Loved it.

My version uses different colours to the original.  it was a leap of faith for me to change them and not know how it would look in the end, but I just gave it a go trusting that the colours I chose do go together.  My friend Jenny helped me nail down the final choice of colour groups.  I did want to have pink in there, but it was just not going to work no matter I chose.   I just hoped I had the values/colours in the right place at the end of the process.  I used Civil War Reproduction prints mostly.   Blacks, oranges, reds, greens and shirtings for the backgrounds.  All colour groups have many different prints with some having the other colours used on them.

The mystery quilt is offered in 2 sizes, so I made mine somewhere inbetween.  I had some units leftover and pieced them into the back.  At this stage it is quilted.  I am now hand stitching the binding down. I have used the same orange as the last border.

This should be FINISHED soon, in time to put on the bed for winter.
Thank you Bonnie for a great quilt, looking forward to doing it again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Random Bits

Hi again everyone

I don't have alot to talk about, I have been busy but without much to show for it personally.  Most of my time has been working on customer quilts, not complaining at all.  I am still working away on my hexagons that I have shown several times before, so I wont bore you with that again, but it is getting closer to being a complete top.  I have all the rows together, and it is huge, and am now filling in the gaps around the edges.  I love this quilt and will show a picture of the top soon, i hope.

So, to show you what has been filling in my days.  This beautiful quilt belongs to Jane, I had fun with this quilt and had trouble handing this one back.

This next quilt belongs to Barb N and was another one I had trouble handing back.  This is The Circle Game quilt by Jenny Kingwell and looks stunning with the black background and all Kaffe fabrics for the piecing.  That lime gree in the sashing is just perfect for the whole quilt

I really like this block

 I did get to quilt two of my quilt, but can't find a picture of the second one at this time.  I wil look for it or take another one shortly.

This is a mini version of my Pretty Clamshells.  It didn't take too long to quilt on a quiet Saturday morning.  I have it now hanging in my sewing room and just love it.

This is the back of Pretty Clamshells showing how I quilted each clam with feathers.  The backing fabric is one of the piecing I Ice Dyed last year.  The colours are perfect. I have crossed this one off my long list of Tops to Be Quilted. and it is bound to

This is next picture is still in need of borders.  It is from Bonnie Hunter and is called Nine in the Middle. It is a great scrap quilt and has been easy to put together so far.  I have a border still to piece but need some more scraps cut to size to continue.  This top also still needs a good press.

Just after Easter, hubby, kids and I went to Melbourne for a few days.  We had a great time, I hope to remember to share photos one day.  We did a day trip to Sovereign Hill in country Victoria.  It is a place showing life in the Gold Fields in the early days of the goldrush.  So in one of the homes there was a quilt and it just happened to be hexagons.  So of course I had to take a picture. I don't think it is an antique, but at least it fit the time period.


I did take some basting to do on our trip and here is what I got done.  These are tiny pieces so it looks alot done but in not alot of time. The down side of this is that I will need heaps and heaps of them to make any sort of decent size quilt...... on I go with them.
So that is all I have for now, hope you liked the photos.  I am off to  sew some more hexies together for the edges while trying to stay warm.  We are having some cold nights lately.
keep sewing

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pretty Clamshells

A couple of weeks ago I taught my Pretty Clamshell quilt to eight fun ladies at The Patchwork Angel

This is the class sample.

You will have to turn your head for some of the photos (sorry) to see how the girls progressed in class.

Vicki S




Michelle McG


Gale came to class with a plan to create a background then appilque images on top.  I have seen it finished already and it looks great.  I love that students take what they learn and go another step forward.


thank you ladies for coming to my class and sharing your time and humour with each other. I look forward to seeing these finished someday, no pressure....

and hopefully in another class with me.

The next class I am teaching is a Lone Star.  This is over two Saturdays, one in May and the other in June.  Contact the girls at The Patchwork Angel for details, last I heard there are a couple of spots left.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finishes 30th March

Welcome to another Finishes post.  The school term is nearly finished so some of my spare time has been used to help the kids get assignments and other school work completed and handed in.  I did get some bits for myself done also.  First up....

I had to get the windows tinted on my car, which happened to be in the same street as Breezy's Cakes
so I finished this yummy cupcake and a cuppa while I waited.  The things I have to endure!!! The store has kids classes on the school holidays, so my daughter is all booked in for that.
 I finished another block in the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM, very cute. The next block has arrived already, I hope to get it cut this week, fingers crossed.

I have basted 20 bazillion neutral 1" hexagons for my hexagon diamonds, don't they just look lovely.  I am hoping this is enough to finish the quilt, but maybe not...

I basted some 1.25" hexagons also.  These are from leftovers and is a very long term project.  I started this one Christmas 2012 and am just throwing them into a bucket as I do some.  This project stays in my car and is done while I wait wherever for whatever...

My Celtic Solstice top is complete.  This was a mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.   I love this quilt.  It is now in the pile of tops to be quilted :(

and these are some of the diamonds I have completed for the quilt.  I have many more done, with only one more complete diamond to make then I can start putting them together into the groups of three, then those into rows, then sew the rows together.  then I will have to make the partial diamonds to fill in the gaps at each end of the rows. gosh that exhausting.

well I think that is it for now.  I do have other stuff  I am working on but they are not in any form to make a pretty picture, sorry.

take care and keep  stitching

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finishes 26th Feb

Hi everyone

I have managed to get some more projects finished or worked on a bit more.

This is my St Louis Schmidt.  The 36 patch blocks are leftovers from the Scrappy trip Around the World, I then added the Hourglass blocks as alternate blocks to make a decent size quilt.  I quilted a spiral circle in the alternate blocks and a simple  continuous curve in the 36 patch, then a scrappy binding. I am really happy with it

 This one I showed last time I think, quilted, so now I have it bound and on my bed, very happy to have this finally finished and using it

Here is the quilting, Baptist Fans, love them.

Four blocks done on the Quilt Block Sampler by Lori Smith, about 80 more to go.  These finish at  71/2" and as you can hopefully see, some have lots and lots of pieces.  I am having fun making them.  I need to cut some more blocks now so I can keep going.

 I got more of these diamond units made up, some of these pictured are from earlier, but some I did make have been already been sewn into the quilt top,

Here is the top so far, it is wide, I like large quilts, ones big enough to cover people.  Right now it is about half the length I want.  I also need to fill in the holes to make the quilt edges as straight as I can..
How did you go getting projects finished?????

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Picnic class

Hi everyone
Last Saturday I taught my Spring Picnic quilt to a lovely group of ladies at The Patchwork Angel.  Here is my quilt, still needing to be quilted and ironed, but we wont worry about that right now.  This quilt comes together using either pre cut jelly rolls or 2 1/2" strips from yardage.
In this class the girls could cut their pieces with either the Hex n More ruler or

the traditional 60 degree triangle ruler, and still have the same results.

Here are some of the girls work, somehow I missed  two, very sorry Gail and Jules.  I might be able to get a pic from Jules shortly.

Jenny is using all shades of blue from aqua to almost navy, I was in love with some of her fabrics. Jenny is going to sash the braids with this dark aqua,

Sally is using jelly rolls and her braids will be sewn with the fabric in an organised pattern so each braid will be the same, lovely.  Sally was in my Wonky Stars class last year, she has that one just about finished and I hope to see it soon.

Robyn's Picnic quilt will be in shades of pink, fuchsia and purples, this selection is from a Bali Pop.  I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished, might have something to do with the fact that I love pink.  Robyn's sashing is an eggplant purple Moda solid, stunning

 Beth's fabrics are bright and fun and sweet, this will be so cute.

These are made by Denise and they are a wonderful collection of blues, browns yellow and greens with a cream sashing, bright and fun with a great mix of prints and solids.

This is Deb, say hi to Deb everyone.  Deb had a wonderful mix of colours and prints also.

here is all the girls at the end of class showing there great work.  All the ladies were very quick at picking up the cutting and piecing and so we had a good time chatting and sewing, the best way to spend a Saturday morning.  Thank you all for coming.
I so look forward to seeing this quilts come together and seeing the ladies again in another class with me.