Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My wonderful Students

Last Saturday I taught the first part of my Bake At 60 Degrees class to a new group of seven ladies at The Patchwork Angel  They did so well and we all had a great time, and they said they would be back next Saturday for the rest of the class, so I did not frighten them too much.

We do cover individual blocks that have a shape,either triangle, diamond or trapezoid, based on the 60 degree ruler, ending with a block that has all 3 shapes in it. Students also learn how to change the size of all these shapes to suit their need or design idea, giving them unlimited options in their quiltmaking.

Here are some of the girls getting to know each other

The class requirements for fabric are to bring about half a metre of 4 fabrics, anything will do as long as there is a difference in value.  We  can't help ourselves sometimes and just have to have it looking nice even for making sample blocks. 

Debbie's pinks and greens

Barb H, creams, greens and red

Christine is using Batiks

Corrie has a lovely selection of blue greens 

Barb N using purples, because the blues are too precious.

 Cindy had the scrappy theme happening,  the blocks  looked fabulous

These lovely tans belong to Sandra
In this class I have 2 Barbs, last class, I had 3 Judy's, thanks girls for making it easy for me to get everyone names learned quickly.  I wonder who will be in my next classes.  The Patchwork Angel has a new class list out with dates for my classes,  and other projects from talented tutors, go check it out, we would love to see you.  The class list doesn't say it but the Wonky Stars class is with me.  I made mine with Christmas fabrics but this quilt is great for any fabric.

 I am so looking forward to seeing the girls complete the next class and go on to make some beautiful quilts.

So Sew on ladies

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Retreat at Home

This weekend I hope to get some fabric pushed through the machine.  All other family members are out, leaving me at home by myself, poor me.  Are you jealous????  My daughter is at Scout camp from early Saturday morning to late Sunday afternoon.  Hubby and son are helping our friend out Kart racing over the weekend, but home in the evening, so the slow cooker will be getting a work out over the weekend for dinner.

I could list all the projects I hope/would like to get done in that time, but realistically I may get one finished. Hopefully this one



It is a split 9 patch and is for my daughter.  It is her quilt for the caravan.  Apparently everyone has theirs finished and not hers.  I have been working on it slowly for over a year.  So this weekend it is the focus and if it gets done then I will feel like I have gotten somewhere and anything else achieved will be a bonus.

  I didn't want to make a big list and then only see what was not done.

These are all the parts I need to put together. Above are the pairs of lights and darks.  The blocks are totally scrappy for the lights and darks.  All squares are 2.5" with the block finishing at 6"

More light squares that need to be added to the red polka dot tucked in there.

I hope to make 132 blocks in a 11 x 12 grid. It should measure at 66" x 72", a nice size for a tweeny..

My essential supplies for the day....

And my sewing table with everything lined up ready to go, no wasting time trying to find what I need, just straight into the sewing.

One more item needed, the Ipad, with music, podcasts and movies for company..

Fingers crossed all goes to plan, starting with a good nights sleep

Thursday, July 11, 2013

So a little while ago

my husband made these Quilt hanging rails for me.

Don't they just look great.

The quilts hanging on them have changed slightly, the weather is a bit cooler here of late and the kids take an extra one when needed, one is on the couch for TV watching, and I love that.  That is why I make quilts, to keep my family warm.  One morning I woke up to an empty space on the rail. Someone got cold during the night and knew exactly how and where to fix the problem. sigh. We have a friend staying for the next few nights, so a couple of quilts will come off the rails for his bed.

What hubby did was, bolt some timber vertically to the wall, then attached the long timber curtain rods to that timber, making it safe and strong to hold all the quilts.  Sadly this is not all my quilts, some are still in the cupboard, but that's okay, I can change them around as I like, as the seasons change and as they are used on beds.

Some fabrics I have cut for another quilt

I have never pushed my quilting onto my family and friends, it was just something I enjoy doing and not everyone "gets" it. But since having the quilts hanging, friends have come to understand what I do, and show interest ( not enough to pick up needle and thread themselves, but that's okay, plenty of time to convert them), but they have also shown me that they do like and appreciate the handmade anything.  I was always conscious that not all people like the quilting/sewing thing and had not always stitched in front of them, but I have been selling them short and not the other way round.

 I just gave 2 of my sisters bags for their birthdays that I had made, and they were just thrilled with them.  One sister said, " I love when you make us presents, cause of the time and thought you put into them but also I know no one will have the same in this mass produced society".  I was so touched by that.  So maybe they will get some more handmade gifts, maybe not either as time is always the enemy.

Right, off the cook dinner, I can hear the kids in the kitchen looking for food.......

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spot the difference

I have started on the Fat Quarter shop 2013 Mystery quilt. Here is my progress on block one. You would think it wouldn't be so hard to do.......
All done