Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch up Part 1

Hello all

I have been very busy quilting lots of customer quilts and hope to post pictures of them all - eventually.

These are in no particular order - just as I find the pictures

Ann's Gollyville

Barb's Double Wedding Ring for her daughters wedding - i love wedding ring quilts

This one is Desley's - I just loved this quilt - embroidered plates

And one last picture from my back garden. I wish you could smell the Jasmine, it is just beautiful and will be sad when the flowers end. It's amazing how smells trigger memories. My Grandmother had one at her front door. I have five growing in this section and they coverup a big garden shed.

May all your seams be straight


PS - trying different ways to sign off, I think this sounds more serious than funny

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lets fly a Kite


So I have started playing with the Kite shape with the English Paper Piecing.

I only started last Friday night so it is not finished yet, but Jenny has asked me to post about it so far and to show you how the shape fits together and creates bigger designs. Jenny has a picture of a quilt using the Kite and has been talking about it for weeks now. Jenny made another quilt instead with the kite shape and it is just beautiful, using scraps and in bright jewel tone fabrics.

I will admit that when I first saw this other quilt it didn't appeal to me. All I have seen is a black and whie copy and the diagram. But that night an idea starting floating around in the empty space of the mind and by morning I had decided to try it out. So it was good that I did not see a colour picture and not have the chance to let the design work itself out in my head. No preconceived ideas so to speak.

So here we go...

The diagram and quilt layouts

The Block

The Quilt

You start with 3 Kite shapes

Then sew them together to make a 60 degree triangle

They then fit in like this - 6 triangles will make a hexagon

and this

this is my star so far, it will eventually form a hexagon about 18" across from dark point to dark point I have used the 1 and half inch kite and got the template to make the cutting very quick. But i will say that this is not how they should be put together, the triangles go together in rows. I only did it this way to see the fabrics work and I was impatient to see it together before selecting all fabrics. So the triangles then become a larger hexagon when all the pieces are together.

Also with the b&w picture you only see values and this is what I have done and not necessarily the actual print when putting this together and maybe the spot was not the nest choice because it is a light value, but it is fun and I will keep going this way, just using values and any fabric that I like. This will be scrappy in style but bright and fresh in colour. I have used Kaffe in the centre, you could also fussy cut the centre kites to create a feature of the centre or kalidescope effect.

I glued my papers this time only to try it out. I have no preference to glue or sew baste. Both do the job very well and can be quick. I just wanted to try it. At The Patchwork Angel this friday and every LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH there is a paper piecing group starting to meet. I will bring in my star to show anyone who is interested.

I have also played with the clamshell shape but have not gotten as far as the kites

the next row

Here is Jenny's quilt using all sorts of fabrics - fantastic

I don't know how to copy the picture from the Buderim Patchwork blog to put here, so go to the link please, there is lots of wonderful quilts to see.

So this is just one of my projects, one of a trillion in progress.

Enjoy flying kites...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lone Stars

Late last year and earlier this year I taught a class at The Patchwork Angel my Lone Star quilt and have just realised I had not posted any photos of the girls work. Mine was done in reproductions - very traditional looking - and the girls did just about everyother style of fabric except Reproductions. They all turned out fantastic and so different. I just want to make mine again in all the combinations of colours and fabrics.

Here is a mini quilt show for you...

Here is Lorraines top completed at Show and Tell with the Buderim Craft Group

Mine is not here, I still have to quilt it.

This is the next quilt I am teaching shortly - still spots available

Enjoy your evening - hopefully stitching


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Does it need to be bigger

What do you think about this quilt top I have just put together. Does it need to be bigger, but I don't want to add borders.... At present it is a single bed size. The pattern is a traditional one called "Hearts and Gizzards", I wonder what happened to have a block called this. What part is the Gizzards..

The top is not quiet what I was after, it is not as dramatic with the light and darks but It is still a very pretty quilt. The range I have used is Flower Sugar by Leicen, I'm a sucker for pretty flowers

Here are the two quilts I have just dropped off at my SIL for my nieces. I have used the same pattern from Kookaburra Cottage "Blackbird Pie" available at The Patchwork Angel for the smaller one,using 1 layer cake, then used 2 for the larger one. They are different fabrics for the Pies but have used the same fabrics for the borders. I spent last week by the fire stitching on the borders with a glass of wine - wonderful.

So do I make it bigger or just quilt and bind

Friday, July 9, 2010

I have just 5 minutes

Hi again

Remember me... I have to remember how to post also..

We are just at the end of the school hols and have been away again to our friends on New South Wales. We had a great time as always. it was a touch cold but still fun.

I have been able to load photos from my cameras into the computer, here are some I have quilted over the last few months, these are not in any order or preference (just as I found them on the computer), there will be more to come.



Close up of Paulines

Denise ( I love the swirls on this - adds great movement to the quilt top)

Close up of Denise's

and Smoko on the farm (cattle drenching or something - I'm just a city girl)

Now I am working on several quilts for myself or teach next year. With pictures to come also.

I went to a Trunk show at the Patchwork Angel this week hosting Sue Daley and her
English paper piecing (sorry no time for links) and am now playing around with either Kites or Clamshells as the next hand piecing project.

When I was away last week I did get cutting started for four (4) (thats right) quilts, all scrap. Soooooo, after this weekend I hope to get a move on with them. This weekend I have to make a Scissor Keeper for one of the girls in my Bossy's Stitches group. I have known about it for about 6 months and it has to be done by next weekend, nothing like meeting deadlines to get you moving. I will be honest I am onto my third version of it and hopefully last.

okay thats more like three quarters of an hour waiting of photos to upload. This post feels very disjointed, it will get better as I get back into the flow of things again

Oh and I now have 8 followers, Thank you everyone of you

Enjoy your weekend


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter in the Country

Over the Easter holidays, we stayed at our good friends, Janet and Mick's Farm in New South Wales. This was the view from our bedroom .

The kids had fun on the go kart.

Michael played with the big boys toys

And I played with fabric and new friends. I couldn't get a shot of the girls but this was our playground.

New sheep arrived,

The Alpaca's checked them out

We had a wonderful time, as always, stitched, played and ate lovely food, as always, cooked by Janet.

There was and exploding cake over the weeked but no photo. I should glue it to my hand when on holidays but then how will I stitch....

We have a few more trips planned this year going back to the Farm, can't wait..

Thank you Janet for having all of us.

Love Bird Lane

I have just finished quilting for the shop – Lovebird Lane. It will be a Block of Month starting in May I think.

I had fun quilting this with the cross hatching in the border. The quilt is now hanging in the shop.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kellie Wulfsohn Trunk Show


Over the weekend I got to meet Kellie Wulfsohn of Don't Look Now fame. Wow she has energy. Kellie had just finished teaching 14 women for the day, did and hour long truck show then teach again the next day at The Patchwork Angel. I haven't seen any of the girls work from the class yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

Here are some of her quilts, my favourites are Megs Garden.

and "Oh Christmas Tree"

And this is her quilting - it really is small

Thank you Kellie for sharing and answering all my pesky questions. I can't help myself when I meet and designer or quilter or tutor, I have to know how they tick and how they got to their technique and how the technique works.

Happy Stitching