Thursday, September 11, 2014

I bought myself something

and it was not fabric, this time....

Yes, an Accuquilt Go Cutter.  As with most dedicated ( or possessed) quilters, I have a pile of scraps and leftovers from past projects.  I now hope to get on top of them, turn them into usable pieces and then into new quilts.
I bought my Go Cutter from Bayside Stitchcraft.  The ladies there were wonderful.
I have also purchased some extra Die's to help with this mission of scrap taming.  The Die's will cut strips in a few different widths for me, and then I can turn the strips across the Die and cut squares. 

This is the starting point of my scraps.  These are huge tubs and there is a box behind the tub and all are overflowing. crazy....

So after part of a weekend of pressing and cutting and some throwing out of fabric I emptied the tub and the rubbish bin ( the bin is a small one).  This felt so good.  So what did I turn these scraps into...

3 1/2" strips.  I have put a pair of Karen K Buckley scissors next to the piles to help give you and idea of the volume, hope it helps.
these are 1 1/2" strips

 and a mass of 2" strips.  My 2" bin is totally full and will have to start several projects with these. Some great ones can be found here

these are some 4 1/2" squares, 2 1/2" squares and 2 1/2 Hst from the Die that comes with the Cutter.
With all these strips cut I am hoping I am going to be ready to sew along with Bonnie Hunters next Mystery Quilt. If not I am armed and ready to cut what may be needed.
And to finish off this post with a patchwork picture, I have been piecing 9 patches with 1 1/2" strips, some from my cutting weekend but not that many.