Thursday, March 14, 2013


This never happens when you want it to......

I didn't count how many of each piece I had or needed to cut to have the same amounts. But this is all I have left to see together. I was thinking I knowing my luck I would be one short of either.

Just happy about this little moment

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Supporting cubs

My daughter is in cubs and today we are doing a Tin Rattle at the local shopping centre. The funds raised go towards camps and equipment. So while I supervise my hexes come along to keep me company. I can watch the kids organise and strategise ( divide and conquer is working for them). And I stitch, encourage and be a proud parent of their confidence but also sad watching them grow up before I am ready.

I just saw them shoo away some older scouts try to muscle in their spot. Sigh.

Monday, March 4, 2013

So going back to that weekend

When it was just the best one in some time.  I said that something exciting might happen, well I hope I haven't talked it up too much but I am very happy.

Oh and it is just fitting for this my 100th post.

My husband, found on Ebay and started bidding on for me THIS:

The bidding finished that night and we won !!!!!!!!  This is a Singer Featherweight 221 born in 1957 according to the serial number... and in such beautiful condition...

I had to wait for this baby to arrive via Australia Post, so I had fingers crossed and sleepless nights hoping she would arrive safely,

she did on the Wednesday, safe and sound..... The first thing I did was, turn the wheel to see if it moved and if the needle shaft turned at the same time. Insert a picture of me doing a happy dance I then checked her over, oiled according to the instructions. The machine was very clean and all parts moved freely.

Included in the case was the original manual and a box with extra feet ad 8bobbins with thread, lol

I plugged her in and she sewed perfectly first time.

I have called her Shirley, none of my other machines, cars etc, have names, but I started calling this machine she, so she had to have a name. It being a Singer, singer starting with S, my dad loved Shirley Bassey and James Bond, so Shirley it is....

I have to replace the light bulb, but this machine runs on 110v and I will have to try and source one in Australia.  I am not keen on getting one from the USA, when they cost $3 and then have to pay $20 postage.  I already have a voltage converter for my longarm machine so Shirley fits right in.

Next I have to set up the 1/4 inch seam guide and then I will powering away on her

so in love with Shirley