Thursday, November 29, 2012

26 Sleeps

Till the fat man comes. Are you being good.

I'm on to my second of three Xmas quilts and an listening to carols. They will get turned off when the quilts are done.

And these mini puddings are yummmmm

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A very late post

I am very very very late posting these pictures from my Chocolate Layer Cake class from last month.  I taught this class at The Patchwork Angel.

  I am sorry girls for the delay

These are Robyn's and Wendy's

Paula and Janey's

Vicki's and Lynley



Another picture of Vicki's, her background is actually a dark purple

This was a great group of girls and we had a wonderful time in class.  I excited to see these finished.

Right now I am busy working on samples for next years classes so sign up at The Patchwork Angel class list  to see when my classes are

(For Beth, hugs)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy Street Part 1

Well, I started the Mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter, like I needed to start another project.  My convincing argument is that while I am busy sewing samples for next years classes (so excited about them), I needed something different to sew and that did not need me to do maths or any other hard thinking.  Plus I do use now Bonnie's Leader and Enders process and am in that rhythm and needed something for these.  So this Mystery quilt is my Leader/ Ender project

My colours choices are similar to Bonnie's, but mine has a Christmas twist.  I have kept the aqua and green but have changed the purple to red.  I am using grey but not as a single fabric, I have collected a few different prints and love the variety.  My background is just solid white, Bonnie's is a variety of white with black print fabrics.

I have started Part 1 but not all that is required.  I am supposed to make about 180-190 4 patches with only 2 colours.  Well over the weekend in between all other stuff, I managed to get 63 made.  I do have about the same number cut ready to be sewn into 4 patches, but I feel i need more variety with my grey fabrics.

My plan is to get some of each part done, not all of it unless of course possible.  I do want to make the whole quilt, because it is a big quilt and I can't seem to make smaller ones.  I do need to collect some more fabrics for each colourway to get a good scrappy (controlled) feel, and hopefully done by Xmas (not stating which year though)

I am linking with Bonnie's blog, so go over and check out all the other work being done and the different takes on colour choices, I am at number 153 omg... love it

Monday, November 26, 2012

Today's Quilt

A Beautiful scrappy quilt.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

In the Bag

My bag is packed ready to go to my Stitching group tonight. Just waiting for hubby to get home to look after the kids. Then I'm out of here for a couple of hours. Probably wont get much stitched, but I'm ready for whatever happens

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Halloween

Just before Halloween my baby turned 10. Geez double digits already. I want that decade back, now. Anyway, one of her gifts was a cushion I made for her with a Halloween theme. Felicity loves both. The cushion is on the bed on the couch in the car, everywhere. I am happy with how it finished. I am making a Halloween quilt as a class sample for next year, I hope Felicity will let me use the quilt when needed. Enjoy

Edited to add: The cushion pattern is by Sue Ross. Sue teaches at Precious Times quilt store, she comes with her instructions and templates for many wonderful quilts.

The quilt I am teaching next year is not this block.  My quilt is Halloween themed but a different pattern altogether.   Sorry if this confused anyone.