Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello again,

Every time I sit to sew I  write blog posts in my head about what I am making or have done or what is happening in my life.  Then I get up at the end of my sewing and have to cook or drive kids or something like that and the post is PUFF gone from my head ( and it sounds like that too in there).

So, today is Saturday and we have a non-hectic weekend ahead, so I decided to get up and post what is in my head (this may be a short post, not much going on in there of interest to many lol)

My sewing/work room is next to the kitchen and I can hear when the kids are in there.

This morning, and it is not even midday yet, one of my offspring has eaten,

Bowl of Cereal with milk
Scrambled eggs (2) and toast
2 Minute Noodles
Bowl of Macaroni Cheese
20 or so BBQ  Rice biscuits

and is still hungry... Did I mention that it is NOT 12 NOON YET!!!!!!

said child is now making a Ham sandwich literally as I type this.

This darling child is my 14 year old son, Josh.  Josh does do 2 Physical  Ed subject at school this is a totally of 5 classes a week 3 of which are physical either playing a sport or gym (weight) sessions, plus on the AFL team for school, rides his bike everyday to and from school, races Go-Karts once a month and practices a couple of times a month.


Have to hang out the rest of the washing - school uniform load

then I am off to the shop to buy more food for the week and taking him with me to push the trolley....


Margs Quilt

Good Morning everyone..

Marg has just posted piccies of her Lily Quilt all complete with binding. It is just lovely.

I have quilted several of this pattern and still love it and want to make it.   This pattern is called Floral Bouquet and is found in the  book "Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam and Nicky Lintott.  They have several books out now using Jelly Rolls.  I love the white background giving the quilt light and freshness, so suited to our part of the world.

I forgot to get pictures before it left me so pop over to Marg's blog to see this beautiful quilt in all its glory.

I have been very busy quilting, kids back to school and sewing for myself.  I have also found Pinterest and have been sucked into that vortex of time vanishing.  Have a look at my boards if you like and see what has been inspiring me lately ( WARNING - time will vanish before your eyes)  I have also been organising my photo's of all customer quilts and this is taking time to go through all my folders to find them and sort by each Creator to build a collection of their works.  It's been tedious and exciting see all the quilts again.

So go have a look at some lovely quilt eye candy and I will catch you again soon ( off to the sewing room for some therapy time)