Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Finishes - Sort of - of Mine

I have to take any kind of finish I can get these days...

Block 1 from Merry Merry Snowman Quilt by Annie of Bunny Hill Designs ( the eyes are buttons that are put on after quilting).

Finished piecing the blocks for "Bennington" Schnibble from Carrie Nelson's book "Schnibbles times two".  I have made it a little bigger as I had a layer cake to use and not Charm packs.  I have sewn 5 of the 7 rows together, then just borders etc to go.

Finished piecing the blocks for a new jelly hexagon quilt.  This is made with 2 Jelly rolls from French General (moda), Pom Pom and Rural Jardin. The green triangle  fabric is also from moda, Winter, by Minick and Simpson.  I am not sure how big this will be but am enjoying the piecing..

And this is my son (the food inhaler) finishing his laps at practice day on the weekend.  We are off to race in Lismore later.  Have to see if any quilt shops are around the area.....

oh and I have finished this block from "Halloween Baltimore" by 3P designs.  Do you like the black edge effect.  We have a new camera and I was trying it out and thought this would be cool for the Halloween Blocks.

I am attempting to do one block from my BOM each month to keep up and get finished.  On track still for the first month, not sure about month 2.

I have linked with Sinta's Blog Pink Pincushion along with other quilters motivated to finish BOM breeding in our dark cupboards

Time to cook dinner, kids are hungry AGAIN....

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  1. I am inspired by checking out all of those who are participating in the BOM Rehab. I will be picking up my Merry Merry Snowman quilt block this week and hope I can get to it soon. Yours looks great. Your halloween block is pretty amazing and the dark edges on the photo work great with it. I love to work with jelly rolls, it is nice that it moves along so fast. Your projects inspire me to keep at it.