Monday, July 16, 2012

BOM Rehab

Another week another block finished, almost.

This is the second applique block for the Mystery quilt .  It does need to have some leave attached, but as soon as this is posted I am off to bed.  It seems I have picked up an ugly winter bug and just can not sew anymore tonight.

I did get the case of the disappearing leaf sorted but now another one looks like it is about to disappear.  Here they are together, I do like how they are looking.  Two more pieced (by machine) to be done and I will be up to date with this quilt, until the beginning of August, when I get the next blocks.

Check out all the other BOM rehab girls at Sintas blog, Pink Pincushion

See you on the other side of this bug.


  1. Your mystery quilt is looking good. Get better soon. I battled to shake this flu. Xx jenny

  2. OOoh I love the hexy circle. Can't wait to see the next instalment of the mystery quilt.

  3. These blocks are beautiful, so unique.