Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Halloween

Just before Halloween my baby turned 10. Geez double digits already. I want that decade back, now. Anyway, one of her gifts was a cushion I made for her with a Halloween theme. Felicity loves both. The cushion is on the bed on the couch in the car, everywhere. I am happy with how it finished. I am making a Halloween quilt as a class sample for next year, I hope Felicity will let me use the quilt when needed. Enjoy

Edited to add: The cushion pattern is by Sue Ross. Sue teaches at Precious Times quilt store, she comes with her instructions and templates for many wonderful quilts.

The quilt I am teaching next year is not this block.  My quilt is Halloween themed but a different pattern altogether.   Sorry if this confused anyone.


  1. Cute. At first glance it appears like an all hand stitched hexi pattern - but on further inspection I see that it is not all hexigons (or with eight sides are they octigons?). Neat!