Monday, October 14, 2013

So a little explanation with pictures

Hi everyone

So for many posts I have been just showing Hexagons pieced into diamonds.  So I thought I would explain and show what I am doing with them.

Each time we (the family) go in the car for any sort of road trip, my tin of cut Hexagons, papers and threads come along too.  I baste them ready to stitch together.  I don't do the glue method, I find it hard to be tidy with the glue in a moving vehicle.  I can also get a little car sick if I don't keep my eyes on the road I baste with needle and thread, works for me....

After I have basted a whole heap (technical term for Many), I then play around with combinations for the pieced diamonds.  I bag them into little snaplock bags ready to go.  So on the nights I want to stitch but not have to think too hard I start putting them together.

Now the inspiration for this quilt is from the book "Quilts of Virginia, 1607-1899, by the Virginia Consortium of Quilters.  I love this book, and have many pages tagged of "want to make someday" quilts.

The particular quilt I am making was made by Maria Hester Monroe Gouverneur, around 1830.  Unfortunatley is was never finished, I hope to finish mine, eventually.  The orginal is made using 3/4" hexagons, mine is with 1" hexies. The orginal is still basted with newspapers of the day, amazing. Maria Hester was the daughter of President James Monroe and Maria was the first daughter of a President to be married in the White House. Maybe this heritage helped in the preserving this quilt for us too see today..

So I continue to piece the hexies into diamonds

Join the diamonds into a larger hexagon, joining with random neutrals

then join those hexies together to make a row, again with random neutrals

then I have to do several rows and then I will make some half units to fill in the spaces.

so that's what I am working on in between other stuff.  I love this quilt and really hope to finish it, as I do want to make it a big quilt, I don't do small quilts very often

I hope you like the pics.  I am teaching tomorrow so I should get some rest soon, maybe after a bit of stitching..


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  1. Wow it's awesome. Thanks for the background info, very interesting.
    I prefer the glue method, but then again, I don't baste in a moving car as I'm always the designated driver!