Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The past weeks Finishes

I  have had some success this week with crossing some jobs off "The List" and some others that were not even on "The List".
I did finish all the blocks for the Bonnie Hunter, Celtic Solstice. 
But first, I bought a White Xmas tree.  I have always wanted one and this one I got for $10, down from $69.99.... how could I not take it home with me, it is even a 6ft tall tree, not a tiny one.  Now I have a year to work out were it will go in the house..

I got some happy squishy mail this week. Several 19th Century squares in gorgeous colours, for now they are with the rest of them safe and sound in a pretty box waiting to be used, hopefully soon...

Now onto a finish or two.  The quilt below is my oldest UFO that is a Complete Top.  I have older UFO's but they are not complete as yet.  I made this top about 7 years ago, before I got my Longarm machine and was going to use this to practice on after a little while, but as you can see that didn't happen.  Two years ago I started to quilt it, but my machine played up badly and I had to take it off the frame, get a mechanic in to fix my machine. In the meantime I unpicked the quilting and by the time I got that finished I was well into customer quilts again and had no time to quilt it again.  Until this week, I was determined to get it done.  My machine played up again as I started to quilt, but I got it sorted and kept going and TADA done.

The curtains below were not on The List at all, they were only something I would like to do someday.  They are for the campervan, "Bluebell".  I made 8 very, very basic curtains, hoping to pretty up the van, for our next camping trip.

This is a picture of the inside of the van with the old curtains, very ugly, now it is pretty..

I got the vine and stems finished all 4 borders done, now onto the flowers and leaves, hoping to get them prepped and ready to sew shortly. But yay to getting the vines done !!!!

We had another Karting race day this past weekend, stinking hot day, my son got a 2nd place trophy for the day. I got these hexagons basted in the car, not many this time, but still some is better than none.

Last year I started the Scrappy Trip Around the World with the rest of the world.  What I did do was as I saw family and friends, adults and kids, I asked them to pick out strips for a block. It was interesting to see how each person picked colours.  Some were even a bit scared to, it helped me get the blocks done with out over thinking it all.  I even got my 2 year old niece to pick out 6 strips, it took me about and hour but we got there and she did very well.

Here it is all quilted and looking gorgeous. I love this quilt, the colours, the family and friends willingness to help me and be part of my passion.  I would make this again.

Here is the back, an orange on white print from Moda, perfect. I used a variegated thread on top and a solid orange on the back.  I have the binding, aqua, machined on waiting to be hand stitched down this week.

I finished reading "To Kill a Mockingbird".  I didn't read this in High School and had always wanted to read and have finally finished and enjoyed it.  I would now like to see the movie, the one with Gregory Peck in it, and see how it compares to the book. Has anyone seen the movie, is it close to the book ??????

School holidays are nearly over for the kids.  My daughter spent a whole day making these items for her dolls.  These are tiny items, I put a 10c coin in the middle there to get a size perspective.  Felicity's dolls are now ready for a new year at school, pens, books, laptop, calculator, school bag, so cool
These are some of the blocks I hope to work on throughout the year.  The blocks finish at 7", so some of the pieces are tiny and cut at odd sizes, this is going to be an exercise in accuracy and patience.
I found in my collection of rulers the Marsha McCloskey Feathered Star Ruler, it has increments for 1/8th's and 16th's and have found it very handy cutting fabric for the sampler blocks, still have to piece what I have cut so far, so fingers crossed all goes together nicely..
Well that is everything I got done this past week, how did you do???? Let me know.
 I will leave you with one last picture of my favourite quilt, can you tell I love this one.
have a good week, keep stitching, each finished step will get you closer to completing those UFO's

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  1. Wow you have heaps in this post. LOVE your trip around the world quilt. I think I'm going to have to make one this year.
    Congratulations to your son on his second place.
    The Xmas tree was an absolute bargain, yay!