Monday, August 4, 2014

Chevron and Swoon Quilting

These cool Chevrons belong to Barb.  Barb talked about wanting the chevrons to continue out into the borders and then the rest was up to me.

This quilt is huge.  The outer borders alone are 14" wide.
These are all the threads I used along the way. 
 The pictures have a blue tinge to  them from the afternoon light.

 I tried to edit this one to show the quilting a little better, but I don't think I should play around with them again....
 this is the original.  The top and bottom borders have a row of chevrons created with quilting, the same as the coloured chevrons and then straight lines out to the edge.
 The colours used are just lovely.  The fabric is from a Moda range called Bluebird Park by Kate & Birdie Paper Co.

 Another photo I played with.  Straight line along the Chevrons...
  and curls in the backgrounds. The same quilting that is in the chevrons and background are extended out into the side borders. The chevrons are made with Half Square Triangles. Simple but effective.

 Here is the back showing some of the quilting.
There was a lot of marking done before I could even start the quilting, but so worth it.
 The grey is looking mauve in this picture.  The colours are just lovely and fresh against the white background.

 I loved this quilt and so did Barb.  She is very happy with how it has turned out.  So happy that Barb called me several hours after picking it up to let me know that the quilt was just perfect on the bed at home.

The past week I also got to quilt a Swoon quilt for Wendy.  I love this quilt, along with many many other quilters in the world.

 Set up ready to go

Wendy asked for Baptist Fans, they are just the perfect  thing for this quilt, just like the original

 Photos again taken in the backyard in the afternoon, so the light is not perfect

 Wendy used Scrumptious by  Bonnie and Camille.  Love this fabric as well.

It was very hard to hand these two quilts back to their owners, sometimes my job is not fun.
And I have been doing some hand piecing at night, trying to get some more quilts finished to quilt top stage.  I still have more pieces to put together, but it does go together quickly, this part anyway.





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