Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Okay, so I got the binding today at work during a big down pour of rain.

The binding is now machined on, i will hand stitch it down tonight whilst watching "The Expendables". The quilt is from the book "Two from One Jelly Roll quilts" and is called "Square Dance". It measures only 39" x 51" and only uses half of a jelly roll and set on point. With the other half I will make another quilt from the book for another baby due around april.

Thought I had turned it the right way - sorry

I have moved onto finishing another top. I made the blocks last week when on holidays at a friends house. The quilt is called "If the Hat Fits" and is from a Buggy Barn book called "Frightfully Crazy". The kids and I love it.

So today I got the sashing and borders done. Now I would like to quilt it with some silver thread and do spiderwebs in the sashing and stars in the blocks

It is still pouring with rain so whats a girl to do but Stitch and Stitch and feed the kids

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