Sunday, July 17, 2011

Buderim Quilt Show

Finally, here are most of the quilts I worked on for the girls for the Buderim Craft Cottage Biannual Quilt show. It was just a lovely display of work by many ladies of the group.

Janet and her quilts. I quilted the large jelly roll quilt, Janet made the long skinny wall hanging.

I quilted this one over a year ago, and Grandma had to ask to borrow it back for a short while for the show. Love those scraps!!

One of three I did for Betty. I didn't get a picture of them at the show but will find them in my files before they were bound

This is Lee-anne's, just a beautiful quilts and not just because it is pink. Lee made the quilt, cushion's and pillow shams. I just have to finish the Shams off for her - nearly done Lee!!

Actually I did get another of Betty's quilts, still not sure about the third. This is one of Jenny's quilts that she teaches at The Patchwork Angel

Chris did a great job keeping these pieces in order. This is a favourite of her husbands also.

Now this one belongs to Marlene. This quilt is in the double digits of age. It is now finished and being enjoyed and admired by the Marlene and her nagging son-in-law. This Balitmore took me days and days to quilt. I had to make the cross-hatching and because we live in a semi tropical climate the lines started to disappear before I had even finished all the marking. What a panic I had. But now it is done and Marlene is just so happy about it. Marlene actually came into work the other week looking for background fabric to start another Balitmore quilt (what is the definition of Insanity??)lol.

Looking back this doesn't seem that many, but it certainly felt like more than this, but several took many days to quilt, and when there is a deadline.....

All the ladies were very happy with the quilting and it was my pleasure and privelage to be allowed to work on their quilts. I am honoured by their trust and faith in me, and wish them many years of joy with all the quilts they make.

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