Sunday, July 10, 2011

Every Possible Mistake has been Made


I have made just about every mistake able to be made throughout this whole quilt. But take a look at her now. She is not finished but I have to take it off the frame to qet back to customers quilts tomorrow, so it will get back on the frame soon enough.

But in the right light she is a beautiful swan and will be perfect for my room. I will be painting it shortly and changing a few things. I had started to make a new quilt for my bed, then realised it would not be big enough, then remembered I had this quilt top ( I started it about 8 years ago :-0. It took me ages to piece it, then I had to think about how to quilt it. A friend showed my group how to do machine Trapunto, but I being a hand quilter decided to hand quilt the Trapunto parts, plus at that time no ability to free motion quilt on a domestic machine. So then it had to wait until winter so I could hand quilt - way too hot in summer in Queensland - then it has been waiting until I have had time to machine quilt around the Trapunto on my Longarm Machine.

This weekend I have gotten about half of the machine quilting done. I will be unpicking on section but the rest I am happy with under certain lighting :-)

Alot more stippling and background fillers to be done, that in the bright light of day I am not completely happy with but it has been a great experience and practice

What did you get done this weekend, hopefully something got finished for you

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  1. I think you are being too hard on yourself. It looks really good.
    I finished piecing the floral bouquet blocks, yay!!!!!!