Monday, June 18, 2012

Bom Rehab

Hello Again,

My BOM work seems to be the only stuff I get to post lately.  I am working hard on Customer quilts, at night though I get to stitch...

So this past week I have finished Block 3 of the Merry Merry Snowman quilt by Bunny Hill designs.  I am not up to date with this one at all, Block 5 arrived in the post today.

But look at where the quilt is at so far.

And here are the first three blocks actually sewn together in a ROW.

Onto the the next block.

Check out Sinta's blog for the rest of the girls working on their BOM's.  Its good to be in a group working together.

In other news, my son is on a cruise to Cairns this week with a friend and his family.  We waved them off  yesterday.  The house is quieter and feels odd, and I don't have to feed him this week....

Can you see them on the boat waving, lol

In the words of Rove

"Tell ya mum I said Hi"

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  1. I must get back to working in my BOM's, at least you are only two behind, I think I'm at least 10 behind on both of them.
    Lucky boy going on a cruise to Cairns. Hope they have lovely weather.