Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Street Part 2

So Part 2 has been published, printed out and partly stitched.

This Part is very cute flying geese using my red fabric, Bonnies Purple.

I think 128 geese  had to be made, I have got 60 completed....  I am not stressing about getting them all done right now.  This is a very busy time for me, making class samples for next year, quilting for customers and all the end of school year activities the kids have...  so i am doing some each week and when the new year rolls in and i have a little bit of time (lol), my plan is to just sit and enjoy making the rest of the quilt.  I really do not make small quilts, as hard as I try.

I am linking again to Quiltville Mystery Link up, go check out all the work done, and all of the people who have made all the required units, not like me

Keep Stitching along


  1. The red and white are so pretty together!

  2. I like your colours. I'm making a red and white quilt at the same time as I'm doing the Mystery. I'm using Bonnies colours for the Mystery though! Too chicken to change the colours.

  3. I thought about changing out the purple for red too. I stayied with Bonnies choice just because I knew I had less purple than red. Anyway I think your pieces look terrific.

  4. Love your colour choices they are so pretty together.

  5. Hi
    Loving your colours!
    Cheers Maree

  6. Love, love, love your red geese!

  7. Great fabric colors! I'm doing all different colors so I'm glad to see someone else doing the same!
    Penny in New Jersey