Thursday, July 11, 2013

So a little while ago

my husband made these Quilt hanging rails for me.

Don't they just look great.

The quilts hanging on them have changed slightly, the weather is a bit cooler here of late and the kids take an extra one when needed, one is on the couch for TV watching, and I love that.  That is why I make quilts, to keep my family warm.  One morning I woke up to an empty space on the rail. Someone got cold during the night and knew exactly how and where to fix the problem. sigh. We have a friend staying for the next few nights, so a couple of quilts will come off the rails for his bed.

What hubby did was, bolt some timber vertically to the wall, then attached the long timber curtain rods to that timber, making it safe and strong to hold all the quilts.  Sadly this is not all my quilts, some are still in the cupboard, but that's okay, I can change them around as I like, as the seasons change and as they are used on beds.

Some fabrics I have cut for another quilt

I have never pushed my quilting onto my family and friends, it was just something I enjoy doing and not everyone "gets" it. But since having the quilts hanging, friends have come to understand what I do, and show interest ( not enough to pick up needle and thread themselves, but that's okay, plenty of time to convert them), but they have also shown me that they do like and appreciate the handmade anything.  I was always conscious that not all people like the quilting/sewing thing and had not always stitched in front of them, but I have been selling them short and not the other way round.

 I just gave 2 of my sisters bags for their birthdays that I had made, and they were just thrilled with them.  One sister said, " I love when you make us presents, cause of the time and thought you put into them but also I know no one will have the same in this mass produced society".  I was so touched by that.  So maybe they will get some more handmade gifts, maybe not either as time is always the enemy.

Right, off the cook dinner, I can hear the kids in the kitchen looking for food.......


  1. I love the idea for hanging the quilts, your husband did well. I have to make quilts for using too so I get that and having them where they can be grabbed is so convenient. I always have a few on a ladder and a couple in the lounge on a rack.

  2. This looks so good Fiona - love I!!!!