Monday, February 3, 2014

Finishes 2nd Febuary

Hi All

So I again only have a few Finishes to show this week....

Some hexagon diamonds assembled

I like them all, but still more to do..
I finished cutting out pieces for my next class sample. I wanted to mix up the fabrics, so I got the family to pick out the ones they liked and I had to use them.  Here are the funny results
Felicity's pick

Georgie's ( felicity's friend)




The boys picked mostly dark solids, the girls light almost solids. These are all cut ready to piece, hoping I have cut enough for what I need.

I also finished the Requirements list for my Spring Picnic class in 2 weeks.  Just found out today that the class is full. Happy with that.

I got this block pieced, it is 7.5" finished and it had a total of 51 yes 51 pieces.  This is for Sampler Block Quilt by Lori Smith, only lost one or two points..

I thinks this is all the Finishes for the week, I am off to put hubby and kids to bed ....Revenge starts again tonight....
See you soon....

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