Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Random Bits

Hi again everyone

I don't have alot to talk about, I have been busy but without much to show for it personally.  Most of my time has been working on customer quilts, not complaining at all.  I am still working away on my hexagons that I have shown several times before, so I wont bore you with that again, but it is getting closer to being a complete top.  I have all the rows together, and it is huge, and am now filling in the gaps around the edges.  I love this quilt and will show a picture of the top soon, i hope.

So, to show you what has been filling in my days.  This beautiful quilt belongs to Jane, I had fun with this quilt and had trouble handing this one back.

This next quilt belongs to Barb N and was another one I had trouble handing back.  This is The Circle Game quilt by Jenny Kingwell and looks stunning with the black background and all Kaffe fabrics for the piecing.  That lime gree in the sashing is just perfect for the whole quilt

I really like this block

 I did get to quilt two of my quilt, but can't find a picture of the second one at this time.  I wil look for it or take another one shortly.

This is a mini version of my Pretty Clamshells.  It didn't take too long to quilt on a quiet Saturday morning.  I have it now hanging in my sewing room and just love it.

This is the back of Pretty Clamshells showing how I quilted each clam with feathers.  The backing fabric is one of the piecing I Ice Dyed last year.  The colours are perfect. I have crossed this one off my long list of Tops to Be Quilted. and it is bound to

This is next picture is still in need of borders.  It is from Bonnie Hunter and is called Nine in the Middle. It is a great scrap quilt and has been easy to put together so far.  I have a border still to piece but need some more scraps cut to size to continue.  This top also still needs a good press.

Just after Easter, hubby, kids and I went to Melbourne for a few days.  We had a great time, I hope to remember to share photos one day.  We did a day trip to Sovereign Hill in country Victoria.  It is a place showing life in the Gold Fields in the early days of the goldrush.  So in one of the homes there was a quilt and it just happened to be hexagons.  So of course I had to take a picture. I don't think it is an antique, but at least it fit the time period.


I did take some basting to do on our trip and here is what I got done.  These are tiny pieces so it looks alot done but in not alot of time. The down side of this is that I will need heaps and heaps of them to make any sort of decent size quilt...... on I go with them.
So that is all I have for now, hope you liked the photos.  I am off to  sew some more hexies together for the edges while trying to stay warm.  We are having some cold nights lately.
keep sewing

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