Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Found them

Everyone can stop looking now.  I found my pictures on the Ipad.

This is Celtic Solstice, designed by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  This was the 2013 Mystery quilt.  if you decide you would like this quilt also, quickly head over to Bonnie Hunters site to get the instructions.  As of June 1st 2014 it will no longer be available on her site.  It will be included in a book in the future.

This was a great quilt to learn several techniques from Bonnie Hunter.  I especially wanted to make the star block with the black points.  When this block is combined with a second block it creates that dark curved circle secondary pattern. Loved it.

My version uses different colours to the original.  it was a leap of faith for me to change them and not know how it would look in the end, but I just gave it a go trusting that the colours I chose do go together.  My friend Jenny helped me nail down the final choice of colour groups.  I did want to have pink in there, but it was just not going to work no matter I chose.   I just hoped I had the values/colours in the right place at the end of the process.  I used Civil War Reproduction prints mostly.   Blacks, oranges, reds, greens and shirtings for the backgrounds.  All colour groups have many different prints with some having the other colours used on them.

The mystery quilt is offered in 2 sizes, so I made mine somewhere inbetween.  I had some units leftover and pieced them into the back.  At this stage it is quilted.  I am now hand stitching the binding down. I have used the same orange as the last border.

This should be FINISHED soon, in time to put on the bed for winter.
Thank you Bonnie for a great quilt, looking forward to doing it again.

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