Tuesday, June 17, 2014

White Wedding Hexagons

I finished the hexagons, yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a close up of the piecing....
I started basting my hexagons at the same time my son started Kart racing.  This was something to do while in car and to also help with my anxiety with my son racing around a track at great speeds.  So two and half years later I am done piecing.
I have used Civil War Reproduction fabrics for the pieced diamonds and many random Shirtings, from white backgrounds to tans,  for the neutral sashings 
this is a big quilt, 114" x 91", it does not fit in my camera screen,

These are 1" hexagons and I have no idea or want to know, how many I have pieced into this top.  I do have heaps of leftovers that have just been put away with my hexagon papers, not to be touched for maybe a year or two.  I am kind of  done with hexagons.  I have started another EPP project for Karting road trips, the papers have a 45 degree angle this time.

It looks different from this angle.  I just love this quilt and hope to get it quilted one day now, just trying to find the perfect backing......  I am counting this as a finish though.

I hope you like it also.

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  1. Oh, wow, what an achievement! Congratulations, it's beautiful.