Saturday, July 10, 2010

Does it need to be bigger

What do you think about this quilt top I have just put together. Does it need to be bigger, but I don't want to add borders.... At present it is a single bed size. The pattern is a traditional one called "Hearts and Gizzards", I wonder what happened to have a block called this. What part is the Gizzards..

The top is not quiet what I was after, it is not as dramatic with the light and darks but It is still a very pretty quilt. The range I have used is Flower Sugar by Leicen, I'm a sucker for pretty flowers

Here are the two quilts I have just dropped off at my SIL for my nieces. I have used the same pattern from Kookaburra Cottage "Blackbird Pie" available at The Patchwork Angel for the smaller one,using 1 layer cake, then used 2 for the larger one. They are different fabrics for the Pies but have used the same fabrics for the borders. I spent last week by the fire stitching on the borders with a glass of wine - wonderful.

So do I make it bigger or just quilt and bind

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  1. Hi Fiona - your quilts are lovely! Heart & Gizzards looks great, I don't think it needs to be bigger. I like my quilts to sit on the top of the bed rather than hang down the sides. Have a good day......Melinda