Friday, July 9, 2010

I have just 5 minutes

Hi again

Remember me... I have to remember how to post also..

We are just at the end of the school hols and have been away again to our friends on New South Wales. We had a great time as always. it was a touch cold but still fun.

I have been able to load photos from my cameras into the computer, here are some I have quilted over the last few months, these are not in any order or preference (just as I found them on the computer), there will be more to come.



Close up of Paulines

Denise ( I love the swirls on this - adds great movement to the quilt top)

Close up of Denise's

and Smoko on the farm (cattle drenching or something - I'm just a city girl)

Now I am working on several quilts for myself or teach next year. With pictures to come also.

I went to a Trunk show at the Patchwork Angel this week hosting Sue Daley and her
English paper piecing (sorry no time for links) and am now playing around with either Kites or Clamshells as the next hand piecing project.

When I was away last week I did get cutting started for four (4) (thats right) quilts, all scrap. Soooooo, after this weekend I hope to get a move on with them. This weekend I have to make a Scissor Keeper for one of the girls in my Bossy's Stitches group. I have known about it for about 6 months and it has to be done by next weekend, nothing like meeting deadlines to get you moving. I will be honest I am onto my third version of it and hopefully last.

okay thats more like three quarters of an hour waiting of photos to upload. This post feels very disjointed, it will get better as I get back into the flow of things again

Oh and I now have 8 followers, Thank you everyone of you

Enjoy your weekend


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  1. Hi Fiona, Love the quilts! I would like to do a row quilt one day - add it to the ever increasing to-do list!