Sunday, May 19, 2013

Defying Gravity

Last night we got to cross off another thing off the "Bucket List".  We were offered tickets to the "Nitro Circus", you know the thing that has, I want to call them kids, but they aren't all kids but they sure look young, very young ( not that I am any older, not) do crazy, amazing, scary, gravity defying stunts on two wheels, or no wheels, down a very tall ramp, fly over a distance doing amazing things and then land safely. OMG. 

Now, this is something we would not of probably bought tickets in advance for and been mad keen to see, but we went and enjoyed it.  But I was conflicted watching it, scared, amazed, frightened, but also swept up with the crowd, cheering at the stunts and landings, but when the kids didn't land the stunts, going Ohhhh with them.  I was glad we got through the night without anyone being "seriously injured".  We were certainly entertained.

Tonight on a current affair program, there was a story about these kids and the stunts they do.  The segment was about how young kids are being killed doing this stuff and pushing the boundaries and risks to be the first to do a stunt or the youngest or something...... so sad. But what I did understand about these kids (young adults) is that they are and have been doing this stuff at home with parents support, and would be doing this anyway whether in front of a crowd or not.  I just don't know....

I am not saying anything regarding these peoples choices, my son competes in a motorsport and loves it, I am just talking about my own conflicted feelings about seeing and maybe contributing to this behaviour. I don't know if I have expressed myself properly. We have been to a Cirque du Soleil show, and those performers do push the boundaries and take risks with gravity defying stunts also.  These performers are not different to the males on these bikes.  Anyway it was a show and we were certainly entertained.

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