Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was on the go all day yesterday. It is not a typical day, but it feels like these days are becoming more typical. 

First daughter to school then off for my walk. Very typical start. Home again then start quilting. Customer coming to collect a finished quilt. Back to quilting. 

Had to go out but first i need petrol. How dar do think i can get When the light is on. Duck into the shop for milk and chocolates. Down to The Patchwork Angel to meet Lynley. She was collecting one quilt and giving me another one. 

Home again to pack some clothes, more quilting. 

Pick daughter up from school, pop home for showers. Get in the car and drive to Brisbane. What would normally be about 1.5 hour drive took us nearly 2 in traffic. 

Got to mums. Had a lively girls night. We are now at 8 am at the airfields for the Cubs to learn about planes for their Aero badge. 

Busy, cold and early. 

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