Wednesday, May 8, 2013

60 degree Classes


Over the last 2 Saturdays I have taught some wonderful ladies a whole heap of blocks using the 60 degree Triangle Ruler. Classes were held at The Patchwork Angel.   I haven't blogged because I was working very hard finishing off all the notes and samples.  My head is clearer now and am able to think of other stuff now...

 At the start of  the first class I was very nervous, but once we got started we had some fun.  The ladies worked very hard and I have no photos to show you of that first lesson. We learnt how to cut, piece and play with triangles and diamonds.

In the second class we covered hexagons, half hexagons, half triangles, trapezoids and wedges.  I did get pictures this time, but only some.... it was a busy class again and we were having fun.
Bev with blocks from the 1st class

Behind those diamonds is Judy B
 Cheryl and Robyn working away
 Judy S in the front
 Wendy playing with Triangles, nice colours also
 Gal B trying different arrangements
Judy B and Judy W cutting and playing

Hazel happy with her work

The ladies enjoyed themselves and so did I...after class I started going through the other ideas I have for classes and want to get moving with them now, no resting...  Gal B actually sent me a text after class, thanking me for the ideas swimming around in her head now.  Robyn M sent me an email saying she had a wonderful time also. That's what I was hoping for with my classes, the ideas and inspiration sparking in my students.. and they in turn me.

So Sew on girls, would really love to see what you make now

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  1. Congratulations and thanks for remembering to take photos. Looking forward to seeing what ideas you have for future classes.